Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Three-Minute Vegan Breakfast

For those of us who need a quick, delicious breakfast on the go, I have come up with a healthy fix for the busy veggie.  How's this: Six meals for less than $10, each which can be completed in under three minutes and consumed on your commute.  If the ingredients are on sale, then even better.

What you need:
- 3 minutes
- a toaster
- a butter knife
- tofutti better than cream cheese
- natural path flax plus granola
- thomas' whole grain english muffins

Step 1: Tear apart a Thomas' Whole Grain English Muffin and pop it in your toaster.

Step 2: When the toaster pops out your english muffin, lather a generous amount of tofutti better than cream cheese onto each side.

Step 3: Sprinkle a small handful of granola onto the tofutti better than cream cheese (so it sticks).

Step 4: Grab and go!

You see? I told you that would be simple... and can be eaten at your house, in your car, or while rushing off to catch a bus with little to no clean-up.  Different types of granola or muffins can make for great seasonal variations, so start getting creative and eating well!  ENJOY!

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