Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have searched far and wide for the perfect (and convenient) fajita with a side of guac.  Alas, Suburban New Jersey leaves much to be desired by way of genuine restaurants.  It instead supports chains which mass produce salty foods with a side of fattening fries.  HOWEVER!  Every now and then one of those chain restaurants produces a real gem.

Presenting: Houlihan’s Chicken Fajitas.

I stumbled upon these by chance when seeking out a late night place to dine one Thursday night that wasn’t a diner.  Believe it or not, that is a fairly difficult find.  Lucky for me, I knew a few college students who were in the know.  Originally directed to their Route 46 West location, my food restrictions and allergies prevented me from ordering very much on the menu.  I reluctantly ordered the fajitas for the sake of a bit of guac, but much to my surprise, they were considerably more appetizing than anything I had ordered locally in the past.  It actually tasted BETTER when reheated at work the following afternoon!  Who knew!?

I returned on a later occasion for dinner and excitedly satisfied my craving for fajitas.  It is during this meal that I found out the salsa in the Chips&Salsa Appetizer could be switched out for guacamole.  Excellent.  I also tried the Parmesan Fries, but they left much to be desired and were quickly dismissed as an option for the future.

A few weeks passed and I ventured North bound on Route 17 to visit a friend who excitedly suggested we dine at the Houlihan’s near the state line.  Craving guac (as always), I happily agreed… and me oh my was their food good!  The chicken was tender and juicy, lightly salted, and grilled to perfection.  The plate was piled with ample amounts of onion, red and green pepper, and fresh lime.  Their tortillas were soft and sturdy.  If I thought I enjoyed the first time I had this meal, THIS time blew me away.  The chicken was still gloriously juicy the following day, even after microwaving!

Need I say more?

If you are looking for a decent meal of deliciously well prepared fajitas with a side of smooth and creamy guacamole (which is VERY mellow), Houlihan’s on Route 17 North is your spot.  When trapped in a state where anything which isn’t fast food is ungodly overpriced, this meal is a happy medium.  Try it out!

VEGGIE OPTION: If you're not an omnivore, try ordering the veggie fajitas!

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