Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I came in from yoga with a nearly uncontrollable craving for sweet potatoes.  Thank heaven I found a heaping pile of them freshly purchased and abandoned in my kitchen.  Mwahaha.

Over a year has gone by since I last made Garlic & Sage Butter Sweet Potato Ravioli, but by some stroke of chance due to a lack of clean forks in the silverware drawer, the glorious recipe has been revived.  In the interest of time, I decided against the full ravioli embarkation and settled for a quick fix of mashed goodness.  When I began to boil the water, however, my stomach roared and growled in impatient protest, demanding that I take the quickest route possible in satisfying it’s craving and silencing the voracious beast within.  My solution?  The microwave!

Quickly, I peeled the potato, chopped it into little thumb-sized chunks, and threw it into the microwave on high for roughly three minutes.  I then added a tablespoon of Country Crock (since butter is illegal in lactose-freedomland) and approximately a teaspoon of ground sage.  One minced clove of fresh garlic (or the smallest pinch of powdered garlic) came next to give it a hint of warmth.  Some mashing, mixing, and a little light salting & peppering later, my meal was complete.

Ta da!  And what you see before you is my delightful creation… with it’s warm garlic and ever so cool, lingering sage fullness to round out every bite.  Perfect for the busy, lazy, or exhausted!  Enjoy!

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