Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Summer is in full-swing which means that I find myself working the strangest combination of shifts on nearly every day of the week, the sun and I have become strangers, and that I have had one too many plates of seasoned waffle fries at 3am.  Usually by this point I will have strategically planned some elaborate $500 vacation for 5-8 days that will have me dancing in the streets and cartwheeling someplace warm.  However, this year's vacation fund went to a new laptop for grad school.

All work and no play was making Jenny crave yoga... especially after standing all day.  Those hammies get tight!  I needed some serious sun salutations and lucky for me, that angel came down to help me in the form of a Groupon.  My two long months without a single forearm stand were about to end... at Shiva Shanti Yoga School.

Hesitant at first because I hadn't much experience with Vinyasa Flow before, I snagged up my friend Rich and invited him along as my motivator.  The class was nice and mellow, giving me the stretch that I needed to lose sight of the day and find myself fully present in each and every pose... enjoying and breathing... breathing and enjoying... and enjoying breathing.  Yoga was that leveling, grounding, peaceful outlet I needed to counteract the negative effects of being on my feet for 30+hrs per week.  I was hooked instantly.

Friday came and I had my braces removed.  This was a remarkably exciting day for me and was the first day of my newly transformed images of self.  I took the time to reflect on how far I have come in the last two years, breaking out of my shell and coming more into my own, finding security in my silver sidewalks like training wheels to help me on the road to becoming a better Me.  I decided that with this new phase of life, I would develop new habits, attitudes, and a more positive demeanor... and I did this in the best way that I know how... a challenge!

Although I am often not a fan of competition, but very competitive when you pit me against someone, there is no person in the world who can motivate me to continue on toward victory than the person whose reflection I see in the mirror every day.  I am my most worthy opponent and my most dedicated competitor.  Yes, I find myself tough to beat at times, but in the end we are proud of what we've been through and are at peace again after the journey.

That said, I devised a plan grow outward and inward:

The plan was to take 6 classes a week for 4 weeks, totaling out to 26 classes in 30 days.  Here is how the challenge has panned out thus far.

DAY #1, CLASS #1: THURSDAY - 8:00PM - Vinyasa
DAY #3, CLASS #2: SATURDAY - 10:30AM - Core Yoga
DAY #4, CLASS #3: SUNDAY - 8:30AM - Vinyasa
DAY #5, CLASS #4: MONDAY - 6:00AM - Energize Early Morning Vinyasa
DAY #6, CLASS #5: TUESDAY - 9:30AM - Vinyasa

NEXT GOAL: WEDNESDAY - 9:30AM - Shiva Shanti Yoga



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