Thursday, April 26, 2012


MY RECIPE - The perfect way to sneak veggies into an old favorite!  Veggie-Veggie Pesto takes everything you loved about Impromptu Hempesto and takes it's health benefits to the next level with the cunning (and stealthy) addition of broccoli and carrots.  These two little alterations not only bump up the vitamins and nutritional goodies you're putting into your body but provide just enough texture to keep things interesting.  Paired with my favorite little wonder (TJ's Spinach & Chive Linguine) this is a meal you won't feel guilty about when you go ahead and have a second helping!

Want to make some for yourself?  Well then...
  1. Grab your food processor of choice and get it prepared to blend!
  2. Measure out 3 tablespoons of hempseed, pour into food processor.
  3. Melt approximately 2 tablespoons of country crock (or other butter substitute) in microwave for 15 seconds, pour into food processor.
  4. Measure out 3 tablespoons of dried basil, pour into food processor.
    (NOTE: If you are using fresh basil, rinse & shred 9 tablespoons worth)
  5. Peel and dice 2 cloves of garlic, pour into food processor.
  6. Measure out 3-5 tablespoons of fresh grated parmesan (or vegan substitute), pour into food processor.  You can always add more to taste later.
  7. Grind fresh coarse black pepper to taste directly into food processor.
  8. Grind fresh sea salt to taste directly into food processor.
  9. Shave and chop 1 organic carrot into small pieces, pour into food processor.
  10. Remove the stems of several fresh broccoli, pour heads into food processor.
  11. Pour enough extra virgin olive oil into the food processor for it to grind the ingredients without struggling too much.  You will probably need to add more than you think after trying to blend it all initially... but you can never go wrong with EVOO, so go ahead, add as much as you see fit to get the consistency that you desire!  I use more than I will admit here.
 Your pesto should come out with a slightly nutty flavor and gritty texture while still being smooth enough to melt into whatever pasta dish you decide to mix it in or bagel you decide to smother it across.  (if you try the later, add a freshly sliced tomato on top and nom away!  i picked that one up while visiting san diego... it's deeeeelicious!)

Try adding a bit of your newly created Veggie-Veggie Pesto to a nice sized serving of Trader Joe's Spinach & Chive Linguine (my favorite!)  That's what I did this afternoon and I couldn't be more pleased with that decision.  Talk about getting  your serving of veggies for the day!  Spinach, Carrots, and Broccoli complimented by the ever-glorious and luxurious EVOO (not to mention our high protein and omega 3&6 providing hempseed and all those other goodies we threw in the mix) make for a healthy twist to an otherwise bland and average meal!

SHELF-LIFE: Your pesto will keep for 3-5 days in your fridge, but can be frozen indefinitely for later enjoyment! (especially if you use fresh basil in the summer and want to enjoy this on a snowy night!)

Now it's your turn!  Try the recipe out and share how you've enjoyed your hempesto!

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