Wednesday, June 27, 2012


RECIPE - It's quick, it's veggie-friendly, and it's the latest in our "Delicious Simplicity" series.  Taking only five minutes to prep and even less time to eat, this summertime open-face is great for the veggie on the go.  (but that shouldn't stop you from making it at your next BBQ!)  How about serving it up with a sweet batch of Hippie Juice to relax your guests and perhaps some Fresh Lemonade for the kids?  Maybe a side of PeaceLoveGuac?  Hey now, this is starting to sound like a party!  I'd like an invite!


Set a small frying pan on your stovetop and add enough EVOO to cover the bottom of the pan.  Put your burner on Low/Medium heat and let the oil begin to warm up.  Drop one of your frozen Chik Patties into the oil and listen to that baby sizzle!  Be sure to push it around the pan a little bit so it doesn't stick and after about 30 seconds, give that patty a quick and careful flip. (oil's hot, so be careful not to splash!)

Let that side sizzle for another 30 seconds and flip as needed.  You'll know that it's done when you can easily use the spatula to cut the patty in half.  Remove your two half-patties and lower the heat before making sure there's enough oil to coat the pan for your Texas Toast.  (but don't over-oil it or the toast will get soggy!)

Once your temp is down and your pan's ready, drop your Texas Toast into the pan and let it cook on each side before slicing the bread in half... just like the Chik Patty, you know that it's done when you can easily slice it in half with your spatula!  Remove the Texas Toast from the pan and place on a plate, adding one half Chik Patty to each side and covering it generously with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. Nom time!

Grab a Chik Patty out of your freezer and put EVOO on each side while you let the grill heat up.  Hot enough?  Drop that baby onto the grill along with a slice of Garlic Texas Toast and let brown on each side, flipping as needed and allowing those beautiful little grill marks to show up.  Remove the Texas Toast (usually this will burn first) and the Chik Patty from the grill with a spatula and let cool a little on a nearby plate until you can slice them in half without burning your fingers.  Then, stack one half patty atop each half slice of toast, cover it generously with Sweet Baby Ray's and nom away!

No matter which approach you take, you are sure to enjoy!

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