Friday, June 15, 2012


THE FRIDAY 5 - This week's Friday Five is dedicated to... DESSERTS!  (and c'mon now... who doesn't love dessert!?)  The title pretty much explains itself, so click the link below to check out my favorite quirky and fun edible works of art!  And don't forget to comment at the bottom with which of these recipes you'd like to see on the blog!

NUMBER 5 - Dark Chocolate Lover's Raspberry Lactose-Freedom Cupcakes!
This recipe was adapted from a Vegan Mint Chocolate Cupcake recipe I stumbled across a while back mixed with inspiration from my favorite valentine's day treat: raspberry creme filled dark chocolates!  Packed with multiple dimensions of flavors, these little cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any party!

NUMBER 4 - Soft & Special Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies!
These little guys are a recipe all my own.  Soft and chewy cookies made from scratch that are not too sweet but sweet enough to put a smile on your face... and loaded with gooey chunks Hershey's Special Dark chocolate, you'll find yourself unable to eat just one... or seven.

NUMBER 3 - Rainbow Funfetti Cupcakes!
So ridiculously easy and quick to whip up, these cupcakes are for the creative baker on a budget!  Great for kids' birthday parties, family functions, or just to make and mange, you'll love these colorful little guys!

NUMBER 2 -Mint Chocolate MiniBurgers!
No animals were harmed in the making of this dessert!  These little guys are no-bake and simple to make!  A hit at every party for sure... and BBQ dessert appropriate!  These guys are also minty-fresh for an after-dinner delight!

NUMBER 1 - Lactose-Freedom Pumpkin CheezCake Cookies!
These little wonders are a chore to make, but well worth the effort... not to mention that half the homemade batter is what's left over from making some bangin' Lactose-Freedom Pumpkin Cheezcake Cupcakes!  They can be made without the LF CheezCake as well and are equally as delicious!  (and are done in less than an hour!)

Which one would you like to know more about?  COMMENT BELOW!


  1. I'd love to know more about the mini burgers. I imagine they'd satisfy my ever present chocolate-mint craving, and my obsession with adorable mini versions of food.

    1. Excellent! I have been craving them myself and will post the recipe ASAP! :)

    2. Fantastic! I'll go buy the ingredients for Hippie Juice/ONV to go with them. I'm gonna be the most popular hippie on the block! :)

    3. Mini Burger Recipe Posted: