Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Good afternoon, my friends and readers!  I am so sorry for the delay in posts this last month, but my life became a bit hectic for better and worse and I was admittedly a bit swept up in it all.  My kitchen misses me, I can see that from the start... and I am sure that you could kick off your warmer weather with a recipe or two so I will be sure to include some of those sooner than not!  On the upside, I have many great photos, video, and stories to share with you from my adventures in May and early June that have me bursting with excitement!

Soon you will hear tales of imagination and black lights!  Of dancing and dreams!  Of moshpits and music and the magnificent New York art scene!  There will be bubbles and parades, hula hoops, and painted faces galore... all here for you to gaze at and enjoy on days sunny and gray... for within all of the bad are woven bold threads of the good which glow with such radiance against the dark clouds of life... and are always, without a doubt, far more beautiful.

In short: STAY TUNED!

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