Wednesday, July 18, 2012


EYE TUTORIAL - What do you get when you mix lime, fruit punch, and plum on your lids?  A look so funky and sweet that it won't fade or smudge... even after several hours of Vinyasa Power Yoga in 90+ degrees.  Now, add in a splash of blue and a pop of black and you're ready to conquer the world with a fabulously versatile look!  If only Medusa would have tried this... the world would be a sculpture garden.

Interested in finding out how I achieved this look?

Arm yourself with these four deliciously sweet bareMinerals eyeshadows: Oasis (top left), ChaCha (top center), Berry Flambe (top right), and Bare Skin (bottom right) and then skip on over to Sephora and pick up this Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow in Shih Tzu (bottom left) and fantastically fun Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner by Sephora in 17 Turquoise.  If you're in the mood to get fancy, grab some bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadow in Sundance to set the stage for your tasty color palate.  Oh, and don't forget to pick up some Bare Escentuals i.d. Weather Everything Liner Sealer while you're at it to make your liner immortal.  You'll thank yourself time and time again.

Once you have your foundation in place and maybe some eyelid primer to gesso your eye canvas, grab that little jar of Bare Skin, keep it sealed and lightly flip it cap-side down.  Then, carefully turn it over and unscrew the cap... this will give you just the right amount of eyeshadow to highlight your upper crease and brow.  If it appears to be too much, you can always put the lid back on, tap lightly, and reopen it.  Beginning at the crease and working your way up, use the Bare Escentuals Blending Brush (or something similar) to create a subtle fading effect as you reach the brow.  This offers some warmth to the eye and should look relatively natural once applied.  I've gone out with just this look before and allowed my eyes to show themselves off naturally.  They don't call it Bare Skin for nothing!

Using your bareMinerals Wet/Dry Shadow Brush (or a brush similar), lightly graze the top of the jello-esque goo that is your Buxom Shih Tzu eyeshadow.  You should be able to see the shadow on the brush very lightly.  (a little definitely goes a long way!)  Glide your brush from the corner of your eye and across the inner lid to about 2/3 the way across.  Concentrate on using small strokes to make the eyeshadow slightly thicker and more prominent at the innermost corner and somewhat faded as it reaches just past the center line.  Make note to apply the liner as smoothly as possible.

Repeat that same tipping motion as you did with Bare Skin to ration some eyeshadow on to the lid of both Cha Cha and Oasis.  Starting with that lovely fruitpunchy pink, lightly dampen the Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush (or equivalent) and swirl it around in the cap.  This will create a matte finish to your color once you smudge it onto your eye.  Use the brush to apply Cha Cha to the outer lid first and then carefully run the brush along the crease to accentuate it with color.  When you feel that you've created the color burst you were looking for, grab the cap from Oasis and begin to swirl the brush around in it.  You needn't clean or dampen the brush.  Then, lightly brush the metallic green over the Shih Tzu on the inner lid using quick dabbing motions to foil the color and brighten up your green.  Finally, use your finger to pick up a tiny bit of Cha Cha and gently blend it into the space where the green and pink meet using a touch so soft and careful as though you were petting a butterfly's wings.

Add one single drop of Weather Everything to the lid of your Berry Flambe eyeshadow.  Use a liner brush (or other EXTREMELY FINE tipped brush) to mix the eyeshadow into the drop of sealer.  If the color seems "tinty" or "loose" then gradually add more eyeshadow to the mixture the way you would flour to a cookie recipe when you want it to thicken and hold.  Close your eye and pull upward slightly at the outermost point of your eyebrow before drawing a diagonal line from the corner crease to the center of your eyelid.  Continue to hold your eye in this position as you begin at the outer corner of the crease again and draw a diagonal line to the outermost corner of your eyelid and fill in the space between the two lines carefully while being sure to layer the pigment thickly enough to appear opaque.  Let dry before you let go of the skin near your eyebrow or you are at risk of smudging it.  Once the liner is fully dry, it won't smudge or fade at all, but will in fact need to be scrubbed off lightly using makeup remover (or liquid handsoap) on a damp washcloth.  Once you've accomplished these two plum triangles, grab your Sephora 17 Turquoise Eyeliner and trace the lower waterline.

Top it all off carefully with your favorite mascara and you're ready for a night on the town, a day at the beach, a hot and steamy yoga class next to the cutest guy in the room, an afternoon out, or just a look in the mirror to shoot yourself a thumbs up and say "Yeah, I did this." as you appreciate your Eye Art.  Whatever it is that you're planning this look for, enjoy yourself and enhance your art with a smile!

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