Friday, September 7, 2012



For what are you looking,
my sweet little squirrel,
as you sneak through the bushes
and jump into lakes
as you climb awkward fences
and dig in the mud?
Your hair's rough and matted.
Your paws sore and cut.
Your eyes filled with longing.
Your body grows thin.
For what are you looking,
you once chipper thing
that danced in the sunlight
and lept without fail
that wrestled your loved ones
in the green, growing fields?

You're running in circles,
you talk them as well.
You're confusing your loved ones!
You're confusing yourself!
You're grasping at air!
You're digging for threads!
You're reaching for sun beams
too far over your head!

For what are you looking,
my sweet little squirrel?
You will find no answers
beneath flowers or stones,
in the depths or on lake shores,
in another's back yard.
You will not find your answers
buried deep underground,
or hidden in foxholes,
or by asking the birds.

You can search all you want.
You can search high and low.
You can search far and wide
as your little feet can run.
You can climb with weak arms,
You can dig with sore paws,
You can swim with short breaths,
You can question the world!

But for what are you looking,
you lost little thing?
The answer's not hiding,
your eyes are just closed.
The sun may be blinding,
the woods may be loud,
the weather is changing,
but why should that matter?

My sweet little darling,
with matted brown hair,
and sore scraped-up paws,
tiny frame growing thin-
Don't fight with your lovers,
your brothers, your kin
don't scour the world
for the answers within!
Take simple, sweet breaths,
inhale long, exhale slow
and keep your eyes closed
just as long as it takes
for the answers to surface
in mind-rivers and lakes
for the love to come floating
down stream to your heart!

The current will find you
have patience, have faith
The stream may be rocky
but water flows on,
so maybe stop searching
and breathe where you are
the water will find you!
Take this time for yourself!
Go swimming for fun
eat berries, climb trees
and clean yourself off,
let your little paws heal.
Just float on your back
watching clouds as they pass
and breathe it all in
sweet and full.
The answers will arrive shortly.

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