Monday, October 29, 2012


WHAT IS THE DIY CHALLENGE?: The DIY Challenge began several years ago when I developed a taste for gourmet cooking (compliments of NYC) but my wallet began to develop a strong distaste for it.  Paying top dollar for tiny portions (although delicious) is great if you're on holiday or have the money to toss around, but let's be frank here... that's not the case for the vast majority, myself included.  What was my solution?  Well, I am a master budgeteer and foodie turned experimental chef so I challenge myself to recreate these delectable dishes at home and at cost... often managing to spend little enough to tweak the dishes a bit and enhance them!  Success thus far has come in the form of Hummus, Pasta Dishes, Gourmet Ravioli, Ice Cream, Cookies, Cupcakes, Smoothies and much much more.  Just click through my recipe links and see for yourself.  You can cook these meals for your entire family for the price of one tiny meal at a restaurant.  I'd love to hear about your recreation attempts!

RETURN OF THE DIY CHALLENGE: Having spent an average of 15 meals per week in the city that never sleeps, I have had plenty of inspirations for the revival of the DIY Challenge... so expect to be seeing a lot of that in the near future!

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