Thursday, October 11, 2012


JOURNAL - I can hardly believe that October's already here.  It seems like just yesterday that I signed on for my summer yoga journey into the heart of who I am as a teacher and now it's four months later and my whole world has been turned on its head.  My commute has been reversed, so I am spending weekdays in the city now, but this just means that I have five (or more) opportunities to try new foods, crazy craft beers, and various yoga classes here and there.  Weekends are either spent working or indulging in pure ridiculousness... such as zombie yoga parties, big wheel races, or pirate conventions... which I will begin to share with you once I adjust to my new schedule a bit more.  I've finally started reading again so that can only lead to one thing... more writing... which then leads to more blogging... which then leads to more interesting and silly things to share with you, my readers.  I am sorry that I've been somewhat MIA as of late, but if you've been following on tumblr or instagram, you'll know that my time hasn't gone to waste and that I have much to share in my upcoming posts.  I will try to write a journal more often and do my best to faithfully post a "Tea for TWOsday" and "Thirsty Thursday" post weekly, mixing in "Friday Five"s and "Visual Diaries" here and there... until everything falls into place.  For now, enjoy a few zombie yoga pictures to hold you over until the next big post.  A bientot!


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