Saturday, November 3, 2012


RECIPE:  Trees are down, power is slowly coming back up, and people are fighting each other tooth and nail for gasoline... so naturally I have only what is in my fridge to work with.  Lucky for me, I like what's in my fridge, sparse as it is at the moment... avocados, eggs, soy milk, oj, an onion, garlic, ketchup, a half dozen eggs, and an ENORMOUS bunch of broccoli!  Silly as it sounds, this bunch of broccoli has been my salvation this week and the perfect way for me to calm my NYC Breakfast Withdrawal.  Great for all you veggies out there, this is a certified lactose freedom meal... and you can thank @sopermama for asking me to post the recipe!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Onion, Fresh Garlic, Broccoli, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Butter (Country Crock, Earth Balance, or sub of your choosing), Eggs, Soy Milk.

Peel your onion, slice gently, and prepare to chop it up into the tiniest pieces humanly imaginable.  I suggest using maybe half.  Then, do the same with 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic.  Finally, grab a decent amount of broccoli and (your choice, but I) cut off the stalks and then slice them in half or thirds to make them a bit more bit-sized.

Pour just enough Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a small frying pan and place on low heat.  Then, gently drop your onions in and allow them to sizzle as you stir.  Add in your fresh chopped garlic and stir for about 30 seconds before adding the broccoli.  Stir all that up gently, allowing the EVOO to coat the broccoli.  If your broccoli still appears to be dry or you can see the bottom of the pan, you might want to add more EVOO... you don't want to burn your garlic.  Cover.  Stir occasionally as broccoli softens.  Add a tablespoon of butter (or butter substitute) to the pan and stir until melted, flipping your broccoli so that it absorbs all that buttery goodness.  Add sea salt, black pepper, and powdered garlic to your taste.  Cover and stir occasionally for a few more minutes.  Taste a piece of broccoli... and remove from heat once it has reached your desired texture and flavor.

Keep some of the butter and EVOO in the frying pan as you crack two eggs and drop them into the mix.  Use a fork to stir them up as you add in a splash of soy milk.  Begin to drop the garlic/onions and broccoli into your egg as desired, then salt and pepper to taste.  Allow to cook and flip when the edges begin to brown very lightly.  Flip again as needed until the eggs are fully cooked.  Turn off heat.

Scoop your broccoli scramble onto a plate and add ketchup decoratively across the top before sprinkling fresh ground black pepper over your masterpiece... and EAT!

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