Wednesday, December 26, 2012


RECIPE - Ahh, my first adventure to our newly opened Trader Joe's!  I entered with the intention of buying a guacamole kit and left having traded two crisp twenty dollar bills for two large bags of groceries.  Inside one of said bags was $5 the Chia Seeds, purchased (of course) on an impulse of sheer curiosity.  Very much intrigued by the idea of having new goodies to gobble up for breakfast (and hearing rumor that they help you lose weight), I took advantage of TJ's recipe for No Cook Chia Pudding and did a little SJ-style tweaking.  The result was something mildly funky, strangely sweet, and perfectly purple... oh, and did I mention that every spoonful is jam-packed with Omega-3s, dietary fiber, protein, and antioxidants!?  Ohhhhh, yes.