Sunday, August 3, 2014


MAKING-OF COWABUNGA JUICE:  I received a previously-loved juicer in the mail this week from my wonderful friend Jennifer over at OM BEAUTIFUL.  I did a little victory dance and happily scampered over to the grocery store to pick up some fresh produce... Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Ginger, Parsley, and Beets were at the top of my list and successfully acquired.  I was so excited to get back into juicing after leaving my job as a juicer back in November and hadn't had the opportunity to create some fresh drinkable JuiceArt since we had to abandon the messy old hand-me-down during the move to Williamsburg.  I asked my boyfriend to go through my bag of goodies and choose what he would like me to juice and then used the rest to make myself something refreshing and invigorating... COWABUNGA JUICE!  I have decided to call it this after posting a photo of my juice to Instagram (you can follow my adventures & foodventures @SkaJenny) and having my friend Jack respond, "Looks like you put a ninja turtle through a blender."  That's how all the best things get their names... and he's kind of right.  So there you have it.  Now let's get juicing.

WHAT YOU NEED (in rough measurements)

  • 4-6 whole CARROTS
  • a handful of KALE
  • a handful of SPINACH
  • half a handful of PARSLEY
  • a small nub of FRESH GINGER ROOT
  • 3/4 a BEET
Obviously you will be buying more than these quantities, unless you are fortunate enough to have one of those groceries or markets where you can just take what you need, but if everything is sold in predetermined bunches, then have a ball making up new juices with the remainder of your veggies or perhaps take a moment to treat yourself to a delicious fresh salad.

One of the most important rules to juicing is that you always want to start with the least juicy items (leafy greens, ginger) first and follow them up with something extra juicy (beet & carrot in this case).  This will prevent the machine from clogging up and will give you the satisfaction of watching your glass fill with juice.  Now, remember: it takes A LOT of veggies to make A LITTLE BIT of juice, so don't be discouraged or alarmed when not much comes out... and if  you're feeling wasteful because of all the pulp you're left with after juicing, then blend them into a smoothie later, make some kind of dressing for your salad, throw them into a pesto, or mix them with some wet flax seeds and pop them into your dehydrator to make "Flax Crax."  If none of these options seem like fun to you, then try composting them for your garden.  They're all natural and meat-free so they will make for a great fertilizer in the future.  ALSO!  Never cram food into your juicer, always put small amounts in and lightly press it in with your Food Pusher (yes, that's the name of the tool) so they don't get stuck or clog up the works.  You'll thank me later for that tip when your juicer doesn't burn out or stop working because it is over full.


GINGER goes in first.  That's not a RULE, but that's what seems to be most effective.  Now, a juicer can handle the ginger with the skin on, but I always take it off.  You can do this easily by scraping it off with a spoon.  Very simple, very effective.  Now, always remember that a little bit of ginger goes a long way as far as taste is concerned, so be mindful of that (and smell your juice!) when making wonderful concoctions.  OTHER OPTIONS: If later on you feel that your juice is lacking in ginger, add some more in at any time prior to juicing your last juicy veggie or fruit.  You can also juice the ginger first and set the juice aside, adding it in gradually later so you don't over-do the bite until you can judge by the weight of the ginger how much you generally like/want in your juice.

PARSLEY & KALE can come next.  To prevent the delicate parsley from being immediately rejected by the spinning blade (if you have an electric juicer) I would recommend wrapping it in the kale like a blanket and inserting it all together.  Remember not to over-stuff the chute and don't be worried when you don't see a lot of juice come out... that's why...

BEET comes next, not the whole beet, but about 1/4 to 1/3 of the beet.  Just to get the juices flowing.

SPINACH can go next, followed by the rest of the...

BEET.  Not only will this help with pushing the juice out of the machine, but it will also start to look very artsy in the glass.  Beet also sweetens up all those greens.

CARROTS will top it all off until you reach a full glass.  Depending on how big the beet was and how juicy everything else has been, you will probably need 1-4 carrots to top off the average juice glass.  These guys are going to be your hearty sweetness also, plus you can't ever go wrong with carrot juice.  It's just so good for you and tastes equally as fantastic!  Remember to smell (and sometimes taste) the juice as you go to gauge whether you need more of any particular ingredient(s) and if you do, add them in between your carrots until you get the juice of your dreams!

Now, check out the awesome colorful Blended Ninja-Turtle art you've created, stir (or pour into a glass then back again) to mix and ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

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