Friday, June 19, 2015


Pumpkin Butter on Ice Cream!?  Yes... and it's a deliciously sweet treat!

Once upon a time I saw some lovely young ladies on the side of the road selling Pumpkin Butter from a local farm.  Naturally, I made an investment and had every plan to spread it over some freshly toasted apple cinnamon bagels or english muffins or toast, but what they suggested definitely ups pumpkin butter's game:  melting it in the microwave and pouring it over ice cream.
Yes.  Melting Pumpkin Butter in the microwave and pouring it over ice cream.

Last night I put this to the test.  I scooped out a bit of pumpkin butter, microwaved it in a mug until it was warm and gooey as I stirred it, and then poured it over some Friendly's Vienna Mocha Chunk.  I don't know about you, but I pretty much live for the fall flavors and mixing coffee, pumpkin, and chocolate is second only to drinking apple cider... so this proved to be a great success for my taste buds!  Check out the results:

Now, I wonder how it would taste if I added a bit more coffee and blended this up into a milkshake... or replaced the Pumpkin Butter with Apple Butter... yum.

I hope you try this and enjoy fall flavors any time of the year!

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