Sunday, February 8, 2009


Due to a few complications with travel and several shenanigans taking place on the days prior to Februay 2nd, our trip to Pennsyltucky (errm, Pennsylvania) to see Punxsutawney Phil's take on how fast spring will arrive was sadly canceled. On the bright side, I hear that there was such an ungodly enormous amount of people present this year that it would not have even been worth the trip. There is always next year... that is, of course, if Phil doesn't kick the bucket by then.
Our alternate plans for the day were to head down the shore to do a photo shoot inspired by my recent purchase of a fantastically bright orange hoodie and the upcoming valentine holiday... the reference of course being made to Clementine's featured wardrobe in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Since I was unwilling to once again dye my hair some unnatural neon color, I settled for something Bettie Page-esque, with a large pink tropical flower to accent the blackness of my curly locks.

My pska jennyartner for this SKAdventure (and assistant photographer/model) was none other than Evan Canova of the band DIVE. After meeting up, the two of us piled into Sven (my beloved ford focus) and took off on the southbound Garden State Parkway listening to Modest Mouse and Delta Spirit. By some unfortunate stroke of misfortune, we managed to get two exits down the road before getting stuck about fifteen cars behind a construction vehicle that kept the traffic at a steady 5-10mph crawl for a few miles. It drove me crazy. Finally, the circus parade of lights and molasses slow driving came to an end as the construction vehicles exited the parkway, and we were smooth sailing all the way down to Seaside Heights.

Once at the beach, we took a series of photos in front of abandoned store fronts and games of chance which were left to hybernate until Memorial Day weekend. The sand was cold, yet calming and the icy water left my toes stinging and red with shock. We ate over priced pizza, I managed a few cartwheels, and celebrated my first trip to the beach of 2009. The trip ended with a small sing-along to the Beatles and, of course, a stop at Dunkin Donuts... which Evan cannot live without.

Below is the vlog of my SKAdventure. Enjoy the clips!

There is a bit of disappointing news to this SKAdventure, however. Upon returning home and looking through the photographs from our day at the beach, I noticed that something looked strange about an image of the back of my car. Running outside in a panic, I realized that someone had stolen my beloved checkered "support ska" (aka: "support racial unity") magnetic ribbon from just beside my license plate. The outline of it, still there after five years of love, leaves me in disbelief that someone could be that cold hearted. The ribbon has been present on the back of my car since I bought it and has made it through snow storms, wind storms, hurricanes, trips to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York... to amusement parks and malls, beaches, and bars... but was never tampered with until now. I knew there was a reason we call that place "sleaze side" heights. The worst part is that I cannot find a replacement for it. If you can locate one, please let me know?

Until next time,
Peace, Love, and Ska Music.