The journey of an art historian and photographer on the quest for lactose freedom and inner peace... one day, breath, and meal at a time.  A discussion of life, love, and using physical and mental exercises to promote peace to those around us.  It only takes one rain drop to begin the flood of change.

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of that candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." -Buddha

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    Hello there, friend!  I'm Ska Jenny.  That's my college radio nickname which has followed me long past graduation.  I'm an art historian with a keen eye for food photography and an articulate taste for tea and culinary marvels!  I am in my mid-twenties and feel blissfully younger every day with the help of yoga, mindful eating, and the urban playground movement.  I dig swing music and jazz, theatrical costume design, tap dancing, hula hooping, and seeking out craft beers.  I love polkadots and have dreams of an epic retro kitchen in the style of a 1950s sodapop shoppe where I can cook and serve my family and friends.  My eyes are green, my toenails are blue, and my style of attire varies daily.  Guacamole and hummus are my specialties.

    I am a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor catering to blissful children of all ages.  I am also trained in Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation and find ways to integrate that into the greater yoga experience.  I believe in the importance of extended savasana for complete relaxation and offer healing journeys through guided meditation.  To compliment this, I also teach Zumba and have recently been trained in Zumba Toning for a full mind and body workout experience.  Try one of my classes or book me for private parties!

    E-Mail: PeaceLoveGuacamole@gmail.com
    Twitter: @TimeInYoga