Sunday, February 26, 2012


RECIPE - Homemade "Garbage Pie" with a Paleo-friendly twist!

Every time I go away, I am faced with the same dilemma... what to do about ALL the fresh food and goodies I've stocked up in my fridge.   Well, thank heaven for our little Academy Awards get-together this evening which gave me the opportunity to utilize my groceries by creating some edible art on an olive oil gessoed thin crust canvas.

 Quick, simple, and pretty much Paleo, you just can't go wrong with a "Garbage Pie!"  (or for all you vegans & veggies out there, it's more of a "Compost Pie")


ORIGINAL RECIPE -  Hippie Juice Inspired Jello Shots!

Picture this... It's New Year's Eve.  2010 is turning into 2011 and I have been recruited to make all sorts of scrumptious appetizers accompanied by an enormous batch of my infamous Hippie Juice.

The guests will be arriving in a few short hours and I've much alcohol left to find a home for.  I whipped up a batch of my usual Raspberry Jello & Watermelon Vodka shots, downed a few glasses of Malibu & Orange, and made the executive decision to convert my ever-popular Hippie Juice recipe into shot-sized jello form!  ...and there, in that kitchen of alcoholic bliss, Hippie Shots were born.