Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty Things and Shitty Things: A Matter of Life and Breath

Have you seen the sun shining?  It's beautiful at half past noon.  The breeze is blowing somewhere southwest of here across two lovers hiding beneath the boardwalk in the sand and through the hair of a lonely girl gazing out at the ocean while holding a notebook and pen and contemplating the purpose of her existence.  The stars are twinkling someplace, too... somewhere far beyond the daylight.  We live in a city that never sleeps, always half awake and sometimes dreaming.  The world itself running on caffeinated cups that keep the cogs turning in markets and minds is exhausted and pressing forward all at once every day... and somewhere a chipper bird is chirping its first melody into the air amid a nest of recently broken eggshells high up in a tree somewhere... while a woman gets a blister from wearing a new pair of high heels to an interview in the Financial District.  Something to think about while all the world is constantly thinking, scheming, debating... everything breathes.  We inhale.  We exhale.  Life goes on.  Keep living.